24 Core ADSS Cable

24 core ADSS cable
Two kinds of cable span (span) is from 100m to 1500m, the cable structure adopts loose tube stranded type structure, 24 core ADSS cable consists of 4 tubes (24 root 250um fiber into the high modulus polyester material made of two loose tube or 6+6+6+6), and a rope around the center of non filling the metal reinforcing member (FRP) twisted into round cable core, the cable core is filled with gel, cable core polyethylene (PE) inner sheath, then double twisted two layer strengthening effect of aramid yarn, finally extruded polyethylene (PE) outer sheath or electrical erosion resistant (AT jacket).
ADSS fiber optic cable product characteristics:
The cable diameter is small, light weight, span can be 1500M, and the additional load on tower is low;
Tensile strength is large, more than 90KN;
Non metallic structure, good insulation, lightning protection;
The production technology is excellent, aramid yarn is even under stress and has excellent stress-strain properties;
Good shooting resistance;
Electric corrosion resistance is the best;
Without power failure construction, the failure of power line will not affect the normal transmission of optical cable;
Single-mode, multi-mode fiber and integrated optical fiber cable design;
The sleek appearance makes the cable excellent aerodynamic performance;
All dielectric fiber optic cable structure is good for installation and maintenance;
The temperature range is wide, and the coefficient of linear expansion is small, which meets the requirements of harsh environment.
Application range of ADSS optical cable:
In the old and new power lines, the power line is installed with the tower;
Need long span of occasions;
Strong electric field, multi lightning, cold and so on.

24 core ADSS cable technical parameter:
24 core ADSS cable

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