Galvanized Steel Wire/Strand GSW

galvanized steel wire (GSW)
The galvanized steel wire (GSW) is used for the cord of ACSR (aluminium conductor steel reinforced) conductor. Being the leading enterprise of this industry, the GSW manufactured by us has excellent mechanical property, best quality of coating and nice condition of surface.
Steel wire diameter: 1.44mm-5.0mm
Strand wire diameter: 7/1.67mm, 7/1.85mm, 7/1.9mm, 7/2.0mm, 7/2.1mm, 7/2.67mm, 7/3.05mm, 7/3.45mm, 7/4.0mm,19/1.8mm, 19/2.3mm
Processing: drawing, hot-dip zinc-plating
Standard wire gauge from 8# to 24# Thick zinc-coating layer
1.99.995% pure zinc used 
2.Hot dipped tech make the zinc coating good uniformity.
3.Zinc coating: 15-25g/MM2, 30-60g/MM2, 200 250g/MM2. >250g/MM2, >360g/MM2 can be produced as requirement.
The galvanized steel wire strand is used for overhead ground lines or electrical power transmission lines. Stay or guy wire strands are produced for use with poles, towers, or any other form of guying.
galvanized steel wire (GSW)galvanized steel wire (GSW)
ASTM A475, ASTM A363, BS183:1972
GSW wire parameter:
ASTM A475 Galvanized steel wire parameter:
galvanized steel wire (GSW)galvanized steel wire (GSW)
BS 183:1972 Galvanized steel wire parameter:
galvanized steel wire (GSW)galvanized steel wire (GSW)galvanized steel wire (GSW)
The construction of this strand consisits of six wires of 1.40mm diameter on a centre wire of 1.5mm diameter, the diameter of the centre wire shall not be less than 0.08mm nor more than 0.12mm greater than the diameter of the outer wire.
Packing in plastic reel, paper reel, wooden drum, steel-wooden drum or as customer's requirement.
galvanized steel wire (GSW)

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